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Graphite or charcoal portraits are the most affordable medium to work in and give a very stylish, minimalist effect . I always draw on good quality heavyweight white cartridge or coloured Canford or Ingres Paper.

Soft Pastel portraits take much longer to complete and will of course be more expensive, but its a beautiful medium for portrait work and it will stand the test of time due to the high quality of the pigments in the professional quality pastels and supports I use. They are also very delicate so need to be handled gently and framed behind glass. This can be done if required or I can work with a framer of your choice if preferred.

I always ask where is the portrait likely to be displayed and if its to be a formal or more relaxed informal portrait. This helps in deciding on size and complexity which affects the final price of the painting. Once materials, budget and size of the portrait  is agreed upon, I can then arrange to meet you at your home as usually that is where you will be at your most relaxed. At this point we will discuss pose, clothing, lighting background (if there is to be one) lighting and composition. I will do a few observational sketches usually in charcoal or graphite and then a photo shoot taking several photos for future reference.

These quick sketches really help me to capture the essence of your personality and are an integral part of the process. If the portrait is to be painted fully from life the sitter will have to make themselves available for several sittings of a couple of hours each sitting. As a rough guide most portraits can be completed in about 12-20 hours depending on complexity. Its also important to note that a portrait painted fully from life will also be more expensive due to travelling time and expenses.

Commissions - working from life or from your favourite photos

Once you feel sure that I am the right portrait painter for your commission I will require a 25% non refundable deposit to cover time, travelling and expenses. The balance will be payable on completion and delivery.

I am always happy to work from life but there are times when that is just not possible. For instance a client may want to have a portrait commissioned as a gift or a surprise for someone special. The client might even have a few photos that they like but for instance the expression or clothes or background is not suitable - that is not a problem as I can work from various sources and combine them together to get the composition just right. However to work from photos they must be of a good quality and fairly large i.e. not blurred or indistinct . Photos taken in natural light would be preferable as flash tends to whiten faces unnaturally which is not very flattering!

I do prefer to draw or paint exactly what I see but there are times when a little discretion can be applied for instance to soften or enhance a feature. You can send me your photos by email if you wish to the email address on the Contact Me form on this website or you can post them to me - whichever you prefer.  I will of course return them in good order along with the finished artwork.

As a  rough guide an A3 portrait of one sitter in graphite or charcoal starts at £350. A full colour pastel starts at £600. Prices quoted are unframed.